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ghd rehab advanced split end therapy 100ml

ghd rehab advanced split end therapy 100ml

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Product Overview
Designed by ghd stylists and engineering heat experts, featuring the unique ghd heat protection system, ghd rehab is activated by the heat of your styling tools to seal split ends for up to 10 washes*, leaving hair nourished and stronger. Partner with the ghd platinum+ styler or ghd helios hair dryer for best results. Suitable for all hair types, ghd rehab leaves your hair looking sleeker, smoother and shinier, 10/10 agree**.

Working to smooth the hairs surface by preventing cuticles from lifting, the ghd heat protection system forms an invisible barrier against heat for thermal protection. Style without fear of heat damage with ghd rehab and create your dream look with hair that feels protected, 10/10 agree**.

Maximise your heat styling routine with ghd rehab for stronger hair and professional end results.

Nourishing hair treatment activated by your styler - we recommend the ghd Helios Hairdryer or the ghd Platinum+ styler.

*vs. untreated hair
**Consumer testing, 110 women, Aug'16.